Do you have a Current Will?

A Will is a written document setting out how you wish your assets to be dealt with after death.  It enables you to set out in writing how and who will inherit your property.  No matter how much your assets are worth or how simple your wishes, if you are over 18 you should have a Will.

You may be intersted in How to Make a Will.

If you made a Will some time ago, it is equally important to ensure that it meets your current circumstances.

Having Wills prepared by a professional also means that the formalities of providing two independent witnesses to the actual signing of the document can be taken care of without any embarrassment and you can then be sure that it is signed correctly; as simple as it sounds, the law does prescribe a procedure that must be followed.

Five Reasons to update

  1. If you marry or divorce or if you have children (including adopted or fostered children).
  2. If you enter or end a defacto relationship.
  3. If your executor dies or becomes unwilling or unable to act because of age, ill health or any other reason.
  4. If a beneficiary (someone who has been left something in the Will) dies.
  5. If you have left property to specific individuals but have subsequently sold, given away, transferred the property into a trust or into a partnership.

Agency Documents

At the same time that you make or revise your Will, you should also give consideration to appointing someone to act on your behalf during your lifetime should illness, accident, age or absence from the country prevent you from looking after your own affairs. This can be done through the appropriate documents, including:

Inheritance Claims / Contested or Disputed Estates

If you have been left out of a Will or received a modest bequest under a Will you may be entitled to claim against the estate. A right to claim is not automatic, so we can provide advice about whether you are eligible to make a claim or not.


For more advice regarding Wills, Estates, Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives,
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Powers of Attorney

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Advance Care Directive

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