What is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence is a branch of civil law concerning breaches of the duty of care owed by professionals to their clients- and others they deal with.  The duty is sometimes set out in a contract between the parties (a retainer agreement perhaps); otherwise it is enshrined in both the common law and various statutes.

Loss due to Professional Negligence

We can assist you if you think that a professional who has advised you or provided services to you has done the wrong thing and you have suffered loss as a result.

Duties Owed by Professionals

This is a complex area of law which, at times, can involve duties owed in both contract and tort (civil wrong).  There are some Acts of Parliament which set out details of the duties owed by certain groups of professionals and also provide remedies for breaches of those duties and/or failure to observe the requisite standards of professional practice.

In some cases, there is legislation which requires certain professionals to hold a defined level of professional indemnity insurance before they are permitted to practice and offer their services to members of the public. This is to protect consumers as it usually means any claim is met by the professional’s insurer.

Claims against Professionals

Over the years we have acted in cases of professional negligence involving

  •  accountants;
  • auditors;
  • architects;
  • builders;
  • banks;
  • financial planners;
  • insurance brokers;
  • legal practitioners;
  • stock brokers;
  • valuers;
  • veterinary surgeons etc etc

Having worked in this area for literally decades, we are able to get to the nub of the problem quickly and advise whether you have a claim or not and, if so, what has to be done in order to pursue that claim.

If you are concerned about something that has happened to you involving a professional, ring or email fo an appointment with Debra Lane.