MOULDENS SOLICITORS We know South Australia CONTACT US "Founded in 1851, Mouldens has a unique heritage in the
South Australian legal profession and a long and successful
history of providing legal services to South Australian
business and individuals"
Have joined with another independent South Australian law firm, DW Fox Tucker
CONTACT US For higher volume of work & multiple larger projects
Delivering personal service and value-for-money
For each and every client
Mouldens have a broad based practice covering most areas of the law. CONTACT US

Mouldens was founded in 1851 (just 15 years after the proclamation of South Australia), by Joseph Eldin Moulden, who had been a solicitor in London from 1836 until he decided to try his luck in the new colony.

On 15 May 2017 Mouldens joined with another independent South Australian law firm, DW Fox Tucker.

DW FoxTucker Lawyers LogoAs you can imagine, we only arrived at the decision to join forces after a great deal of thought and discussion. But in the end the benefits for our clients were enormous, and impossible to ignore.

With our combined resources, we are now able to provide our clients with a greater depth of resources and capability in all key areas for the private and public sector, including commercial transactions and contracting, dispute resolution, family law, workplace, property, intellectual property, tax and wills & estates.

Joining DW Fox Tucker means we are now large enough to handle a higher volume of work and multiple larger projects, yet remain small enough to deliver personal service and value-for-money for each and every client.

Over the next few months we will slowly phase out the use of this website and transfer all material to the DW Fox Tucker website, which can be found at In the meantime please continue to visit this website for legal updates, practitioner details and contact information. Whilst we have new contact details due to the move, all of Mouldens phone numbers and email addresses remain active and have been diverted to ensure you will have no trouble contacting us during this interim period.

DW Fox Tucker is perfectly placed to provide a strong, cost-effective and responsive alternative to the largest firms in SA and nationally. We are excited about the opportunities that this union creates for our clients and staff and look forward to introducing you to the new members of our team in the near future.

If you have any queries about DW Fox Tucker, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your key contacts from Mouldens.


“there are few law firms which have served South Australia as long as Mouldens – or with such distinction”

From its roots at the very foundation of the State to the current 21st century legal practice, Mouldens has been proud to be involved in the development of South Australia in government, business and the community.

Mouldens has produced many leaders of the legal profession, QCs, Judges and Presidents of the Law Society, as well as State and Federal members of Parliament and community and business leaders.

At Mouldens Solicitors, we pride ourselves on our long involvement with all aspects of life in South Australia and our ability to provide our many and diverse business and private clients with the best legal service possible from our experienced and dynamic team of lawyers.

We know South Australia: if you need legal advice or service in South Australia, we can help.


Mouldens have a broad based practice covering most areas of the law. They serve a wide range of clients, from large corporations to small businesses and individuals. The firm's team handles cases in most State and Federal jurisdictions



If your marriage or de facto relationship has broken down- or you think this is on the horizon, we can assist with practical and timely advice as to your rights and obligations in relation to division of assets and property, issues relating to children and how best to resolve them, and other matters e.g. wills.


A Will is a written document setting out how you wish your assets to be dealt with after death. It ensures that you direct the way that your property is to be dealt with.

No matter how much your assets are worth or how simple your wishes.


Do you think you may have been defamed by someone? Has your small business been defamed? Have you suffered embarrassment and humiliation or loss of revenue to your business as a result? If so, you may have a claim in defamation against the person responsible.


Sometimes business or other relationships lead to disputes and it is a good idea to get legal advice as early as possible. Mouldens has a broad dispute resolution practice. The lawyers at Mouldens are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for clients whether they be individuals or corporations.


If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or on public or private property, you may have a claim for your injuries. Ring for an appointment with one of our injury claims team.


We can assist you if you think a professional who has advised you has done the wrong thing and you have suffered loss as a result.



    Founded in 1851, Mouldens’ unique heritage in the South Australian
    legal profession and the long and successful history of the firm
    providing legal services to South Australian business and individuals.
    Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation